Quick Fitness Workout

Gym closed /quick workout in my garage 🥴

Hey guys …I know you would rather me post some hair videos but The coronavirus has affect a lot of us in many ways …….im tryna be as safe as possible so I’m allowing the government to get this under control ….of course they closed my gym til further notice…so I have to workout in my garage until this blows over ….I had a in home gym in LA but I recently moved to Georgia and I got rid of the equipment for the move ..well now I’m stuck with my dumbbells, resistance bands, pull-up bar….so figured I’d video my bicep workout ….oh and I did run in the rain to get to the garage so my pants and shirt was soaked ….hints to why my pants are wet and I’m shirtless 😂😂 please leave me some feedback …if you

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