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Gym Upper Body Workout Routine For Insane Muscle Growth (Hybrid Workout!)

This gym upper body workout routine for men will help you pack on stacks of muscle FAST. You’ll be working out your entire upper body. And doing it using a few different methods and supersets. Which is why this is a hybrid-style gym upper body workout routine that’ll give you insane muscle growth.

To start this upper body workout routine for men you’ll perform two compound movements back to back. The bench press and the row. You’ll notice that I’m using barbells. However, this will also work as a powerful upper body workout for men with dumbbells. Just replace any of the barbell exercises with a pair of dumbbells.

The key when performing this gym upper body workout routine is to have a strong mind-muscle connection. I preach this in a lot of my videos. That’s because it’s crucial. Especially for guys in their 40s. To leave the ego at the door and lift intelligently. Keeping great form and focus on the muscles that are working. The mind muscle connection alone has helped me better shape my chest, back, shoulders, and the rest of my upper body. And I know will do the same for you.

So whether it’s this gym upper body workout routine or any upper body workout, be sure to keep form and focus.

The next exercise combination is the dumbbell bicep curl into the dumbbell overhead press. This dual exercise is super efficient. Working multiple muscle groups in one motion. You’ll notice with this upper body workout at the gym we are slicing the workout time in half by having you perform back to back exercises with little rest. Which is a great way to mix up your routine from time to time and get a different style upper body workout for men.

The last combination in this gym upper body workout routine is dips to lateral raises. This will work your androgen receptors in your chest and shoulders for an eye-popping upper body that turns heads. Again, we focus on little rest between the two movement, which will also tax your cardiovascular system and elevate your metabolism.

So there you have it A gym upper body workout routine for insane muscle growth. Be sure to share this video:

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