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Train with my on your phone! I have an 8 week challenge that has two phases, “The Build Phase” and “The Burn Phase”. Cane be done in gym or home! Download my 8 week challenge in the APP Store – Search “Fit Plan App”


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  1. My brother and I want to open up a gym. Would you be willing to do a video or message me on what were the struggles you went through in opening your gym and what struggles you face now? what do you think leads to your success in it still being open?

  2. Hi Jen , I discovered your channel recently, I started watching your videos and I just love your beautiful spirit,  your tips are generally precise (how many sets and reps…).

    I have a question, actually I m not fat but not really fit, I started going to the gym months ago I noticed just a small difference in my leggs. Watching your videos I know now I wasn t working hard enough, and I started following your tips. I wanted to ask you if going to the gym 3 separate times a week with each time 1h30 of hard work is enough to get results, honestly I don t see myself everyday in the gym, and I want to gain mass in some areas, should I take the protein shake before or after the training?

  3. your videos are really inspiring me! When i have a bad day and don´t really want to go to the gym i watch one of your videos and feel motivated and hit the gym! really thank you for that! btw i am from germany (sorry if i wrote something wrong)! I love your channel. Your positivity most of them! Really inspiring! <3

  4. Just wondering why you choose rice Krispy treats as your pre workout? They sound delicious and I wanna try! Just wondering if there's a specific science behind it or just because that's what you enjoy? Lol 🙂 I'm loving your videos!!

  5. Hello Jen, I really love your videos, tips, workouts, meals, and specially your personality and happiness 😀 I watch you almost every day and I hope I can watch new videos soon, you are amazing!

  6. you are so funny and sweet !!!!!! <3 i laugh so much with your videos!
    How much time does it take you to do your workouts Jen? cause i can't do my leg days on less than hour and half !!!!

  7. I just started lifting weights about 6 weeks ago but i feel maybe im doing them wrong. Started off w decent weight (example arm press) 40 pounds, now up to 60. When i do my workouts though my muscles burn and recover quick. I can't seem to get that ache or burn after the workout. Should i feel like that? Should i be lifting more weight? Cause i just feel normal the next day, I don't 'feel' my muscles. Do you know what i mean?

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