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HEAVY PUSH WORKOUT AT 6AM | importance of whole food diet & heavy weighted dips bigger chest routine

Guy’s in today’s video i show you how i am training at 6 am in the morning as today is my chest day.I train weighted calisthenics and here i am doing heavy weighted dips and i also do incline bench press and some weighted abs workout in the end.I also show you my post workout meals and what you should eat post workout for muscle gain and putting on more muscle size.

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  1. Commenting early for the algorithm. More people need to see your shit!!! To reduce people subscribing from roided out delusional shit heads and out of mind “ fitness “ gurus to instead tune in to this wholesome fucking channel and learn a thing or two about simple diet and whole foods, creating a better mindset for one better well being and ass kicking workouts

  2. Bro you remember me I guess. I wanted to tell you I got my weights ,squat rack and bench can't wait to smash a workout. However I would like to ask you I have this strange pain on my my right collar bone that stretches to my shoulder, this mainly happens after dips and when I sleep in a wrong position. Bro should I stop doing dips and focus more on bench press only. Your advice will be highly appreciated bro

  3. Bro sad for 2nd 🥺 u know that recently I have not dm u much because of my mental condition but i am here bro to see u from bottom because in next 2 years u gonna smash all yt fitness influencer

  4. Hey bro , right now I just focused on weighted pullups strength training to go from 20 kg to 50 kg by the end of the year , with 2 times/ week training with active rest week are also included , is this good apporach or should I simultaneously focus on push movement and slowly steadily increasing weighted pullups

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