Quick Fitness Workout

High Intensity Cardio Workout – Quick and Brutal Bodyweight Training

Calorie burn + how to use this routine + printable @ http://bit.ly/1AvhdD4
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We use PowerBlock’s adjustable dumbbells, find them @: http://bit.ly/yDWK7V

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  1. Okay, all I wanted to do was add a tad extra exercise because I didn't think I got enough high intensity.  O-M-G!!! When will cursed Burpees and Star-jumps ever get easy?!  UGH!  6 minutes of DOOM! LOL! 

  2. Hey this might seen ridiculous to ask, but is it safe to assume that the people doing the exercise would be burning the max number of calories shown in the bottom right. If it says 60-98 is it safe to assume that the person in the video would be burning 98??? I'm just asking mainly because I'm trying to gauge how much I'm doing(I can keep up with and occasionally push a little harder than said person) Thank you 🙂 I love this channel for its uploads, they keep me alive some days xD

  3. I love this! Quick for the morning before school but still effective 😀 I'm thinking of buying one of your fat loss programs soon, I've been a viewer of yours for about a year now and you guys are just awesome never stop doin what your doin 

  4. Hi FitnessBlender!! I've done your 23:29 minutes HIIT cardio fat burning workout 3 times a week for something like 3/4 weeks. Now I'm looking for a cardio workout of 30-35 minutes to burn calories. What do you suggest me? Anyway I love your cardio videos 🙂 Have a great year!!

  5. can someone explain to me how the calorie count works in the bottom right corner and what the two sets of numbers mean? (sorry if I'm being dim ) x

  6. I just finished your guys 5 day challenges while also doing some workouts of my own later in the day and havent weighed myself since i first started them (2 weeks ago) but i feel so much stronger and am seeing results in the mirror! You guys are awesome I reccomend your chanel to my friends and family!! Thank you for doing what you do!

  7. Hi Daniel and Kelli!
    Hope you both are doing well (:
    I have a doubt..I want to buy a '8 week program' ..but I was wondering if there's another payment method..not throught internet

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