Fitness Workout for Women

HIIT UPPER BODY WORKOUT For Women At Home – Upper Arms, Chest & Back

Learn how to do HIIT UPPER BODY WORKOUT AT HOME. Practice regularly to burn fat quickly and get fit 🙂

Life keeps us busy with a number of activities leaving very little time for ourselves! Especially women of today have so much to tackle on a daily basis. Home, work, children etc keep her tied up throughout the day. The question arising here is, doesn’t your health need time too? Well, if you feel visiting gym is not possible considering your busy schedule, we have the following at home workouts for women. You can perform HIIT upper body workout series from the comfort of your home. Doesn’t this sound exciting?

# It is important to set your fitness goal and work towards it. Here are some simple upper body workouts that will help you achieve your goal:

HIIT Workout For Women At Home – Tone Your Upper Body, Chest & Arms:

WARM UP EXERCISES: Always remember to begin any exercise with a warm up. These include spot jogging, Side jacks and Shuffles that instantly boost your energy levels and get you prepared for your upper body workout regime. The Leg Extensions are yet again important for the warm up. The Butt kicks and the Wind mill help you stretch the thigh muscles.

Coming to the Upper body twists, neck rotations or shoulder rotations, they improve the flexibility in the arms and loosen up your neck muscles at the same time.

The HIIT upper body workout program aims at toning the upper chest including the shoulders and arms. This is a great exercise for the upper body like chest and arms. You should use dumbbells to strengthen your muscles. The Seal jack and half burpee exercises too tone your upper chest.

The dumbbell squat and press jump. When you squat the legs and shoulders are exercised and getting toned slowly. The moving plank is an excellent exercise that helps you to strengthen your upper body. It teaches you to balance your body.

Dumbbell forward and diagonal punches with lunges focuses on toning the upper body, the arms, the sides and front of your abs.

The lovely pushups we all are familiar with, is a great upper body workout for women! It helps you to develop upper body strength that many women do not have or lack in.

The dumbbell bent over row to reverse fly jump is a fabulous upper body workout that is performed with dumbbells that strengthen the mid and upper back. This forms the base of your core!

The dumbbell Russian twist to external rotation improves flexibility on the waist and side of the abs. The back of the shoulders are exercised too.

Dumbbell bicep curl and ice skater gives you great upper body strength. The Triceps dips to kicks as the name suggests, tone up your triceps and kill the flab in the legs. Repeat all of these exercises one more time for best results.

Many people believe that working the upper body would make them look bulky but this is a myth. This happens only if you are taking supplements while exercising. The upper body is very important to be exercised for women because they are the ones who do not have enough strength in the upper body region. You can achieve a lean upper body with a little bit of effort put in.

Women have a problem with flabby arms! These arm and back workout exercises will help them to a great extent to tone up the arms and shoulder muscles. The best part about these workouts is that they can be performed at home and at any time that best suits you.

So, all the women out there make health your first priority and get started with the HIIT upper body workout program! Get into shape with these easy exercises. All the best!

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