Fitness Workout for Women

Home Butt Workout – Full Length 15 Minutes

Vicky is showing you a great home booty and legs workout to build a rounder and more lifted butt. You’ll also develop sexy athletic thighs.
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  1. ok i can follow you becuz u actually do have a nice butt n thighs altho many who is doing these videos dont have much of either lol…;plz keep it up and make videos for the requests i see in the comments…bc i certainly need all tips lol. god bless

  2. I love this, I can already see a difference in my bum! The first time I did it I was super sore for three days straight! I also like how Vicky gets out of breath, it made me feel a little less unfit! Thanks for the great workout! :)

  3. Your body looks great! This is exactly what i need!:)
    How long did it take you to get such a nice (like others said: in a respectful way) butt?
    Thanks for this video, really inspiring!

  4. Your squat technique is amazing. It's ALL I could think about when I watched this video. That's the ONLY reason I watched this video for 10 minutes .

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