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Home “Inner” Pec Exercises (4 BEST!)

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Hitting your pecs with a home chest workout can be challenging. This is because it is hard to fully contract your chest muscles when all you do are standard pushups and dips. In this video, I show you the four best home inner pec exercises to help you build a bigger, more defined chest with minimal equipment.

In fact, to perform the 4 exercises for your chest shown in this video, all you will need is a single band or just your own bodyweight. Let’s start by looking at the most basic of these home chest exercises. We are talking about the standing one arm band crossover. The key to this movement is to extend the non working arm out in front of your body and contract your chest on that side as well. From here, you have established a target for the working arm to be sure it crosses and you have engaged the chest on the opposite side which will increase the strength of contraction on the working arm at the end of the movement.

Next you want to test your isometric and eccentric strength on this same side by getting your arm to the middle position and now step away from the band. You are going to keep walking out until your arm is no longer able to maintain its position along the midline of your chest.

Next you are going to hit the ground for two of the greatest pushup variations for building a complete, ripped, more defined chest. This is because with these movements, you aren’t just doing the pressing portion of the exercise but you are adding in the all important crossover to hit the horizontal adduction function of the pecs.

With a band in one hand, perform what appears to be a normal pushup. However, when you get to the top of the rep pick up your hand with the band in it and cross it over the other until you can put it flat on the ground on the opposite side of it. This will briefly provide an incredibly strong contraction of the chest. Pick up the hand and return it to the starting position.

This actual adduction exercise is one that can be compared a bit to the simulated adduction (or relative adduction) that we were able to create in a previous video with the twisting chest pushup. This one also adducts the upper arm but does so by moving the body on the arm rather than the arm on the body. Either one will pump up your chest and bring out the gains if you start incorporating them whether you are training at home or at the gym.

For a complete home workout for your chest and the rest of your body for that matter, head to and get the ATHLEAN XERO bodyweight only program. If you have a bit of home gym equipment and you would rather train at home (or even at the gym) be sure to check out the AX-1 program.

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  1. Thanks to Jeff and to all the ATHLEAN-X team, I've seen a lot of improvement from the day that I start watching this channel. I really appreciate what are you doing keep up guys. and Jeff could you please upload a video on how to lose hips fat???

  2. This is for anyone. i have an issue with my left side not getting as good of a workout as my right. i only use dumbbells but my shoulder, bicep, and triceps just dont look the same and my range of motion and form is differnt. any suggestions?

  3. Jeff, when you do the abduction push up, shouldn't it be abducting the right chest(right arm) with more weight on the right arm and less reliance on the left arm?

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