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Home Quick Fat Burning Exercise to Try at Home| Lose Body Flabs with Cardio & Strength Workout!

Hi! We’re reuploading the revised version of Fitness TV EP09 as we’ve found some mistakes in the subtitle that might cause confusion!

To burn your body fat in a short period of time, you gotta combine cardio AND weight training! For you busy bees, we’ve brought a easy full-body workout that effectively burns your body fat!

➊ Basic Burpee 00:59
┕ Try it yourself 02:05
➋ Side Burpee 03:29
┕ Try it yourself 04:20
➌ Step up 06:14
┕ Try it yourself 06:42
➍ Step Jump Squat 08:39
┕ Try it yourself 09:26
❺ Diet Menu Plan 12:42
┕ Tomato Marinade

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  1. This is not really related to fitness but, I really would like a skincare box that’ll fade and get rid of freckles and other spots. I was born with freckles because I am half Japanese and half American and I prefer Asian beauty compared to western. And I have been struggling with my freckles. It would really help if you guys could make a fading kit. Or if you have one that helps with my problems please tell me which one it is☺️thx.

  2. Wow….u r very preety!…see i m from india …n i hav followed u all along ….i want to know if we can eat nuts and carbohydrates while already having a flabby body ?….what should be our diet while shedding those extra kilos ?….cause whaterver exercises u r showing they r preety working on me but i dont understand whether i should cut off fats n carbohydrates while lossing weight and add them in moderation after i shed it or should i keep eating it less that totally cutting off now while on the weight loss journey?….kindly help!

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