Fitness Workout for Women

Home Upper Body Workout without Weights – Bodyweight Upper Body Workout for Beginners

No Equipment Upper Body Workout Video for toned, lean arms – Calorie burn info & printable routine @
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no equipment upper body workout without weights workout for lean arms

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  1. Wow! I just tried this. I wasn't sure if this was going to feel like exercise. I could feel the burn. (Also, I had hurt both of my shoulders about two years ago…for a long time I could not even raise my arms. I think this workout is going to be great to get some strength back) Thanks for posting.

  2. Amazing effective workouts from fitness blender which are really effective in a week if you follow all the instructions but am looking for a workout( how to increase boobs without equipment) I tried the workout to increase butt as well very effective.but looking for the one to increase boobs and about the fitness blender also advised to many of my friends. Hoping to see the one to increase boobs

  3. Damn i always underestimate how hard this workout is … but it's slowly getting easier i can do the arm circles for the entire time now, just gotta work on my wall push-ups

  4. I did it for a week and i can see changes in my shoulders they started being in a good shape not round, and in my arms not really but i will keep it up 

  5. I love this one because it 's short enough to do when you're taking a break and you don't need any equipment. Fitness Blender workouts are the best because there's no music. I can't stand "club" music or the horrible rock music that most YouTube workouts play. Thanks!

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