How I Plan My Workouts | Home Leg Workout

Here’s how I organize my own workout split, plan my workouts, and generally keep it together. There are dry erase boards and notecards involved. Because I’m an organization nerd. Now if that only extended into my housework.

If you want to do the Week of Hard Labor with me, even if you’re starting well after I do on the 4th, just send me a message on my website or comment below here. You can get a free 14 day trial of the streaming service I use right here:

Other links to stuff I use in this video…

Dry Erase Calendar:
Notecard Case:
My Favorite Pre-Workout:
Workout Elastic Bands:
Dumbbell Weights:
Yoga Mat:

*Yes, these are affiliate links, which means purchasing stuff through them could get me paid a wee bit. As always, feel free to google search for the stuff on your own if you have a problem with that. No hard feelings.*

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