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How to create your own workout/fitness plan, don’t waste your money buying other peoples plans when you can easily create one yourself, here are all my tips, tricks and even a free workout plan to follow!

→ FREE Workout Plan:

Legs & Butt
10 minute HIIT 30sec Jog – 30sec Sprint
5 minute uphill walk
12 Squats 20kg+ x 3
24 Walking Weighted Lunges x 3
12 Weighted Bridge raises x 3
24 Weighted steps x 3

Chest & Biceps
10 minute Rower HIT
15 Press ups x 3
10 Weighted Chest Fly x 3
10 Weighted Bicep Curls x 3
24 Walking Plank x 3

Back & Triceps
HITT, 15 Burpees, 100 skips x 10 sets
10 Weighted Deadlift x 3
12 Bent over row x 3
15 Single arm row x 3
5 pull-ups x 4
15 Tricep Dips x 3

Shoulders & Core
20 minute steady state run
12 Weighted Shoulder Press x 3
10 Weighted Clean & Press x 3
60 Hill Climbers
60 Russian Twists
30 Side Crunches each side
1 minute plank

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  1. How should We make a workout plan? In function of what muscles or parts of the body ? Also, how would you make a workout that combines strength and hypertrophy and finally which workouts work better ; whole body or split workouts? Thank you! Btw you re really pretty!!

  2. hi,
    thanks for sharing this video, I'm going to use this to teach to my students: How to make fitness plan for yourself for 15 days Grade 6, 7 & 8 students. Please advise if u have more ideas.

  3. I get board after 1 week =D But I'm still sticking to it and I have increased the number of sets which makes me happy and gives me a bit more to hang on =) Also came here to your videos to get some inspiration for later on at the gym. Thanks.

  4. I want to lose some weight (around 10 kg since i'm 169 cm and weight 67-68 kg) But since i haven't really exercised at all before i don't know what i should do, i want to run outside but i don't know for how long, and how long i should run, jog, walk and since i have a tendence to get this pain in the lower part of my lungs when i run i don't know if i should take that as my limit or not :(

  5. Thank you so much for the tips! I'm about to join a gym and I'm really self concious about people looking at me or me not knowing what to do. I love how clearly you speak, I'm from Germany and you explaining all this so well makes it a lot easier for me 🙂 have a nice day!

  6. Hi Carly. Would you do each of those workouts once a week for example? Or do you break it up with cardio every other day? I wanted to follow the gym routine videos you posted.

  7. Is it worth changing up between the three workout styles of strength, hypertrophy and endurance? I feel like all of those are useful for me as I'm a 14yr old guy but they may conflict with each other. Additionally, when I push myself to the absolute limit on each exercise for the workout which is painful I feel more reluctant working out the next day. Is that because of willpower or just that I should work myself less strenuously so it's more enjoyable?Just starting watching your vids, love them a lot xx

  8. Hey, I just started to go to my local gym and I'm 15 and I just want to get fit-, but do it smart since I'm also still very young and click through your videos really gets me more and more knowledge on how to do things right.
    So far I did the same workout as my friend, but she's all about loosing a little weight and getting a lot of muscles while I'm already pretty skinny and just want to define my body and get fit. Do you have any tips? I'm actually a little scared I'll do something wrong and not get the body that I really want haha :')

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