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In this video, I’m talking about how to think regarding your nutrition before, during and after workouts!

I’ll talk about the biggest mistakes you can make, the main DO’S and DON’TS when it comes to food together with training.

With the right nutrition together with your workouts and also the best timing, you will achieve the best results!

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  1. This makes a lot of sense, because you will eat the calories through the day anyway, so why not fuel your workouts? If you have 1900kcal per day and you avoid eating around your workouts thinking you'll burn more, you're still eat your 1900kcal by the time you go to bed anyway, so in the end, you've eaten the same amount, however you probably have performed poorly at the gym or not the best you could have been.

  2. Because I work full time during business week & of my kids evening sports commitments Tue-Fri night, I have found that I can only get to gym about 7-8pm @ night. I do feel exhausted but I do my best because I just don’t have it in me now to get up @ 4am

  3. I’m the opposite . If I eat before a workout I get tired and feel sick. I have to workout on an empty stomach to have the maximum energy and feel good while working out.

  4. I noticed oatmeal is a go to for a lot of fit people. So what if you don’t like oatmeal? What is another food that is good before working out/breakfast?

    Also carbs are good for dinner? What if it’s just cardio day? Still ok to eating something like what you shown as a post workout meal?

  5. Started watching your channel,maybe, a week ago and I love it so much. You seem like a really nice and soft person, though with a mighty and stated oppinions. That is cool. Best wishes from Latvia!

  6. Yes and no.
    This is a tough one because there's muscle development and then there's your health. I think I've found the solution without compromising on both. Hit me up

  7. Loving your channel Hanna!!! I’m THAT person. Oh if I work out w no food I’ll burn more and lose more! It’s such a horrible mind set to get out of! Work in progress and doing much better w it!

  8. New subscriber here, I love your content so much. Do I really need any sort of protein powder if I'm aiming to build muscles; not trying to get bigger but just toning my whole body, and shaping and lifting my booty. Thank you so much.

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