Fitness Workout for Women

How To Lift Breasts Naturally (Chest Workout for Women!!)

Get a natural breast lift

How can you lift breasts naturally? This chest workout for women will show you the three best exercises to give your bust a boost! These breast lifting chest exercises are sufficient to give you a full chest workout to tone up the entire bust.

For each of these chest exercise, shoot for 3 sets of 10 — 15 reps:

1) Cable Chest Press — This one is an awesome bust booster and will help fight armpit fat and bra bulge

2) Dumbbell Front Raise — Great exercise for upper chest and shoulders

3) Incline Chest Press — This is the classic chest exercise that will help lift breasts like none other

These breast lift exercises are just what the doctor ordered to give the girls a boost. This is a great chest workout for women that you can do 1 to 2 times per week to get a natural breast lift.

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  1. i dont know why…like i really wish i knew why. but for some reason seeing bottoms that low make me have a panic attack like….can we pull those up please. it's bothering me

  2. Thank you so much for these videos and the time put into them! Athleanxx has seriously inspired me to continue to work out and to push harder. I'm 33 and not really enjoying the changes time has brought to my body. Everyday I hit the gym I watch one of these posts. My fiancé loves the improvements he's noticed. I'm not at my goal but I'm always finding a piece of my motivation in watching these vids. Thanks again. ????????????

  3. I'm a mum of two kids and someone told me to not to wear a bra during my pregnancy so that cause my Breast sag like dog ears I want my breast large full and also upward and tight are these exercise r best ?

  4. You look really great!! Thank you for sharing this exercise for the chest muscles.  How many times would you recommend to do this, twice per week, or more frequently?  Thanks!!

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