Fitness Workout for Women

How to Lose Arm Fat Workout for Women, Tone Upper Body At Home Exercises

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How to Lose Arm Fat Workout for Women, Tone Upper Body At Home Exercises

In this video, Donnie shares a basic fitness training to help lose unwanted arm fat and tone the upper body for women and teenagers. These exercises to tone arms can be done at home as fast as 15 minutes day.

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  1. This was a great arm workout to me! I started today and I'm not a pro, I had to take a rest a few times, but I really enjoyed it and I'm going to continue to get better!

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  3. Thanks so much for making these videos! I had been trying to put together an arm workout and this is such a great combination. Super tiring, great though. Wonderful to combine with the other target workouts and cardio.

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  5. unless it is a cut and paste video, I think this is Ginnus record ????!! ufff!!! my arms caught fire within the first 3mins! great instructor she is!!!????????

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