Workout Meals

How to Prepare Meals for Bodybuilding

A video on how to prep your meal like a bodybuilder.

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  1. Am I the only person who noticed he didn't touch the chicken with his right hand? You know, the hand he used for the seasoning. Everyone keeps telling him not to touch the bottles because he "touched the chicken"

  2. be faster buying a large George Forman grill then thin chicken boneless tenders. just unpeel the package flip upside-down on the Forman take off the bottom tray and paper from chicken. close lid done in 10 mins slap in individual tuperware, add veggies and strach and your done. no scissors, no mixing in a bowl. just add BBQ sauce and your good

  3. Shut the fuck up NIGGER. Il chop your body too my dogs, oh no that might poison my dogs I'll just throw your ugly ass body in the garbage and throw shit. I prey that you have a heart-attack when you are lifting those weights up hahaha and they fall on your ugly nigger ass……

  4. holy shit, just watched this like 3 years later and looks like this vid blew up. I also realised jono weighs his chicken cooked, shouldn't you be measuring it raw if he wants to be anal about macros?

  5. does he know that adobo has 375mg in sodium per 1/4 tablespoon? Anyway, you cut a lot of good part of the chicken off by cutting the fat. the fat wasnt even that much lol

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