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How To Set Up A Workout Plan: Reps, Exercises, etc. | My Workout Routine • Lawenwoss

Hay guys!! So I hope you enjoy today’s video! I tell you all about my training and how you can set up your own workout plan/split. I left tons of links below to resources & my favorite powerlifter’s youtube channel’s and instagram accounts!
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➤ Insta
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➤ Twitta
➤ Soundcloud (all songs used are on here)
➤ Business Inquiries
1RM Calculator
Warming Up for 1RM
Training Splits
Favorite Powerlifting Girls (Youtubers)
Amanda Bucci
Jazmine Garcia
Maggie Morgan
Sam James
Sophia Nicole
Favorite Powerlifting Guys (Youtubers)
Barbell Brigade
Brendan Tietz
Maxx Chewning
Omar Isuf
Tim Thebodeau
Favorite Powerlifting/Weightlifting Instagrammers (Not Youtubers)
Mary @nutellaandchill
Scott @hisakaflockaflame
Christy @christyann123
Samyra @minimyraa
Cynthia @_wooolfiee
Natasha @natashaughey_
Cass @cass_72kg
Amber @swoleesi
UO Tapestry |
How I Grew My Glutes |
How To Track Macros |
How I Gained 16+ lbs |
How To Get Abs (Doesn’t include exercises) |
Fashionnova // XOLR (25% off)
Bodyweight Scale // LAUREN (60% off)
Food Scale // LAURENSCALE (50% off)

ily guys so much, if you ever need me, just contact me on my socials!

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  1. can you do a video on how to be a successful YouTuber. I want to be a YouTuber but I kinda want to wait till I get my own place but I also feel like thats too late to start one. Is it?

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