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How To Start Calisthenics: WORKOUT STRUCTURE πŸ“Œ

Calisthenics CAN be a very efficient and effective form of training, but note the emphasise on the CAN. A bodyweight workout routine can only really work for an individual if the structure of the workout itself is AT LEAST on par.

As a drug free athlete, no matter how many times you’re told by motivational fitness pages that ‘hard work always pays off’ *blah blah blah*, that work ethic is almost worthless if it isn’t combined with SMART work! What I mean by this is that – if you want a successful workout plan/structure, you better ensure you’re following the correct parameters to do so. So, if you add the two variables together (hard work AND smart work), it is pretty much certain that your progress will grow more rapidly in a shorter period of time.

Okay, now let’s cut to the chase – in today’s video, for those starting calisthenics and are wondering how often they should workout, what their workout should look like, etc, the content I provide in these 5 minutes will assist you in doing exactly that; so ultimately, all your hard work you put into your workouts actually pays off! Sit back, relax, and enjoy… 😎

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