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How To: Timing Pre/Post-Workout Meals


-Eat your pre-workout meal an hour-hour and a half prior to working out. Make sure you are getting a good source of energy from some slow to somewhat fast digesting carbs into your system. You want to gradually spike your insulin levels before your workout. Timing is everything. Something I would eat would be apples with peanut butter, or oatmeal and blueberries, or whole grain pasta with broccoli and beans.

-After you workout you are going to want to get a post-workout meal in no more than 30-90 minutes (that is your window) after your workout. You want to take in a substantial amount of calories from some fast digesting carbohydrates and a fast-acting protein. The quicker you give your muscles the energy it needs to repair your muscle fibers and reproduce more, the better it will be for your muscles. Something I would eat is a whey protein shake with a fruit in it, which can be seen here:

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  1. im just starting to go to the gym (6 week) to lose few weights and be fit, and just realized that my diet is disaster – I'm having a "I can eat everything because I go to the gym I deserve to eat everything" – thanks to your videos. really helped in enlightening me.

  2. I love your videos Brett! You give some really great information. But what would be some good foods to eat if someone like me isn't to much into the whole carbs thing, I'm not really into pasta, bread or potatoes.

  3. I love eating oatmeal with Chia seeds and a coffe with skim milk now I heard that oatmeal has many great nutrients. I looked online and there is an oatmeal diet.I wanted to try eating oatmeal for a week to help me lose weight, but was told that over consuming oatmeal could result in weight gain is that true? By the way I am intensively working out going to the gym everyday taking yoga and Pilates.

  4. Hey Brett! I'm not sure if you have posted a video talking about protein powders, but I was having a problem with major bloating after I drank my protein shake. I only used water & the protein powder and I drank it slowly. I was wondering if there is anything you would recommend on helping that problem? Thanks! 

  5. Question! I usually eat my first meal after I workout since I workout first thing in the morning. Is this ok? I don't really want to eat and then wait 30-60min before working out since I have to work usually at 9 or 10am. And I've tried saying I'll work out when I get off work but after working and standing for 8-9 hrs I don't really have any motivation. Any thoughts? Thank you!

  6. Hey Brett love your videos they are super helpful i was wondering if you could do a video on protien shakes like health benefits, pros and cons, do they help you lose weight, is it okay for girls to have them that kinda thing much appreciated thank you!

  7. Can you still workout when you're sore? I get so sore from everywhere but I still force myself to workout (30mins-1hr) when I am super sore is the only thing to mute the sore pains. Is that bad? Or should I not work out?

  8. Great video Brett! Could you maybe do a video on examples of meal plans, like what you and Carli eat, timing, amounts etc. (with vegan/vegetarian options)? My issue is that even though I workout quite intensely 3-5 a week, I have had trouble increasing my caloric intake to a point that satisfies my body, but doesn't cause weight gain (specifically fat). It would help give us some guidelines :)

  9. It seems like your food snacks and meals are geared towards gaining muscle. What about options for us trying to lose lots of weight? I know you say gear stuff towards your goals but what would that be for us? 

  10. I am confused. You said in a previous video that you should fast before cardio to lose weight. But here you say it's important to eat before so you don't lose muscle. What should I do? I don't need to lose weight, I'd just like to maybe go down one jean size but I am in pretty good shape so I don't want to lose the muscle I've worked for. Could you please help me understand? thank you!

  11. Is there away to workout that doesn't tear muscle fibers? Can you do a video meant for ladies that isn't meant for bulking up but get slimmer like Carli or a VS model? They're toned but not bulky. And also motivational ideas BC Personally I give up even when seeing results. I need that extra push & I don't think I'm alone feeling this way.

  12. Hey brett can u please talk about supplements since uve talked about proteins a lot I dont know anything about supplements so Im not taking them Im trying to tone up I recently started training and what can I do to get rid of the excess skin that I have on my mid section please answer

  13. Hello, I'm a complete beginner so just had a quick question. My workout is from 6 – 7 am, and that's too early in the morning to have any pre-workout meal as such. My trainer asked me to have just half an apple or something and come to the gym. Anything wrong with that? I'm 5' 8" and 62 kg. Thanks!

  14. Thank you so much for this great tip Brett …
    Could I ask you a little favour….? I would like to follow your tips regularly but you speak a bit fast….. smile…..  and it makes it a bit harder to follow… Thank you very much…. sending you big cheers from Switzerland

  15. So I need to eat breakfast (oatmeal and protein), snack, lunch (protein and yogurt) and then a pre workout (cheese and cracker) and post workout meal (protein shake), followed by dinner (protein and veggies)?!?! How can I do that and stay within my daily calories, micros and macros? Seems like a lot. I workout at about 4:30 everyday after I pick my kids up from school. I have a 1 1/2 hour window before I start dinner. We eat about 7 pm. 

  16. Hi Brett, after hours of researching for pre and post work out meals, I came across your page and realize you actually reply to your fans. Quick question. Is it possible to develop a lean or muscular body with a low protein diet? People with kidney disease have to maintain a low protein diet like myself, but that doesn't restrict me from working out. However, I am restricted from having too much protein in my body. 

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