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How to Tone your Arms – Quick Fitness Workout

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In this Video, I have compiled 4 exercises from the previous week to make a Arm Workout Program that willtone your arms and keep them strong. This easy workout can be done in the comfort of your own home or in the gym without having to worry about people staring while you tone your arms. =)

Alot of people might not know, but toning your arms is one of the easiest ways to see your weight loss results as it’s one of the first things people see when they look at you. Especially if you like wearing long sleeves. Having toned arms you will always see your fitness goals coming into shape every time you look in the mirror and it’ll only increase your desire to lose any belly fat you might have next.

Getting fit, increasing your fitness, losing weight, losing belly fat, or toning your arms doesn’t have to be a race, but you can still get it done fast and efficient like I will show you in this fitness and health video on how to tone your arms. Tell me how those toned arms feel in the morning. 😉

All you need:
2 Dumbbells

Description Workout

Warmup: Each exercise will be 15 Seconds each
Exercise: Each exercise will be 30 seconds each
Cool Down: Each exercise will be 30 seconds each

Workout will last 11 minutes total

Squat and Dumbbell Row

How to do it:
Utilizing two dumbbells, you are going to stand with feet hip width apart. Your toes can face forward or to the side for comfortability. Squat your body until your legs are parallel to the ground keeping your chest up high and the dumbbells low. Come back to the start position bringing your elbows with your hands below your elbows. Repeat each step to the desired repetition.

Triceps Kickback
will ultimately work the triceps or back of the arms. However, it will also increase the tightness of the these muscles; Shoulders/Deltoids, Core, Traps and Quads

How to do it:
-Stand with feet shoulder width apart
-Bring chest towards the floor until it reaches a 45 degree angle or parallel to the ground
-Keep the head in a neutral position
-Keep biceps parallel to your body
-Extend dumbbells until your arm is in a generally straight line
-Pause for a second and bring back down to the start position.
-Repeat until you reach desired repetitions

Dumbbell Curl and lunge workout.
This is a combination exercise that is going to expedite the fat burn because it’s going to work not only the upper half of your body but also the lower half and core.

How to do it
-Feet will be shoulder width apart
-Shoulders will be square
-Chest will be high
-Dumbbells will be held in a neutral position
-Extend one leg forward simultaneously curling the dumbbells
-Ensure both legs form a 90 degree angle for optimal performance
-Ensure you look over the horizon during the repetitions
-Come back to the start position and alternate legs (repeat desired reps)

standing dumbbell shoulder press

The overhead dumbbell press increases strength throughout the entire shoulder region. Performing the exercise from the standing position will actively engage the core throughout the range of motion.

In the video I demonstrated with 10lbs weights and performed the actual workout with 30lbs weights

How to perform the workout:
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart
2. Have a slight bend to the knees
3. Keep the core constantly engaged
4. Bring your arms parallel to the ground
5. As you exhale, raise your arms to the ceiling
(do not touch weights above the head)
6. As you bring the weights down to start position, inhale
7. Repeat until desired repetition

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