Fitness Workout

Increase HEIGHT with this “Nutrition & Workout Plan” Fitness tips by Guru Mann

Want to increase height follow this Nutrition & Workout to grow taller. watch this breif video by fitness expert Guru Mann.

Nutrition Plan – DIET FOR HEIGHT

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  1. Yes he's right I was 5.7 and now I'm 5.10 an half all I did is change my life style,food and I add yoga I'm 31 now and I started doing all that 4 months ago.i have before and after pictures just in case so all I wanna say nothn is impossible so keep trying????

  2. sir peanuts ko uske red wale cover( chilke ) ke saath khaye ya fir rost krne k baad wo cover fek de q ki sir m n aapke most of videos m dekha hai ki sir aapke peanuts white in colour hai….so suggest me sir plzzz…

  3. Hey Guru Man ima 17 going to 18 in this January i went to cardiologist and he took my bone xrays he told me that ur bone age is above 18 idk how? he said bones are fused but why i am 5.6 only . if someone knows reply i asked him to take hgh he just said its expensive i am thibking to go to another doc someone guide me here.
    My dad said u were smaller while kid but still any possible way other tjan surgery?

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