Fitness Workout for Men

Intense Leg Workout for Men (CAN YOU SQUAT 225lbs X 100 REPS FASTER THAN ME?)

Leg workout for men at gym to build bigger, stronger and thicker legs. If you’re looking for a leg workout for mass gain then this workout is for you.

Start training with your genetics, here is the link to the short quiz I designed to help you discover your muscle fiber type to show you how to train for the fastest results. Click the link and take the free quiz now:

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Vince Del Monte
Honors Kinesiology Degree
PICP Level 1 and 2 Certified
BioSignature Modulation Practitioner
PIMST & FFT Certified
Precision Nutrition Certified
WBFF Pro Fitness Model

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  1. I think what you teach Del Monte is a way of workout a different way in which to increase power in three different levels intellectually, mentally, and physically. intellectually because you show techniques in which come handy for the rookie or veteran. mentally because you slowly prepare the mind of your trainees to put up with hard work and keep pushing through even if you feel like quiting. of course in a save way not like over kill. and physically because if with the two above mastered or under controlled, after a few weeks you literally start seeing results. thanks for the vid you put out there for us to watch it really disciplines us to a better postured workout every time and not everything is quantity but quality. peace

  2. Always looking for new challenges to keep it interesting and keep growing. Thanks for his one my brother in iron! I did it in 19:24. I did the squats with 225 and I substituted the leg curls with straight leg deads with 135. Try this one Vince, as many reps as possible with each of these exercises in 5 minutes each, choose a weight that will let you get between 50-60.SquatsDeadsBenchPull-ups Hanging straight leg liftsComplete all in under an hourI got:Squats 51 with 225Deads 51 with 245Bench 60 with 135Pull-ups 59Hanging straight leg lifts 56All in 58 min

  3. Yoo Vince great vid man! I have a question, it's been stressing me out lately.

    Is progressive overload even a thing? I'm hearing one guy say it's not about increasing the weight it's about having good form with 6-12 reps.

    And another saying if you're doing 135 for 8-12 reps for a year straight, then you will not get bigger because your body adapted to that weight…

    Should I start keeping track of my weight and rep ranges for every exercise or just lift with good form and constant tension?

  4. I live on a mountain. The only way to reach the top of the mountain is go through 2000 steps. Once in a week i do 2000 steps in exact 1 hour from bottom to top and in 30 minutes from to to bottom.Is that a good cardio or I should include some other exercise some other cardio.

  5. Hey team Delmonte:
    As I'm getting back into training after my 3 years of abstinence I took about a month to prepare my body for the upcoming work (3 times a week). While I had to start over with the very light weights, I focused on your words on quality/time under tension and not throwing the weights around.
    Now I'm at the point that I want to start building some serious muscle mass.
    Question is: With three sessions per week, should I go for a split or continue with another full body workout?
    Could you recommend some of your videos for the training you'd recommend?
    Your muscle fiber test said I'm fast twitch type.
    All the best from Germany :)

  6. Vince on some real shit bro. Why are you squatting in new balance with plates under your feet? You're a successful guy, go buy a pair of nice adipowers or Nike Romaleos.

  7. Hi Vince, just wondering….what's your 1 RM? I think it should be 475 lbs or so, is this correct? also, you have been advocating baby weights and mainly no compound exercises a few weeks ago… so what changed regarding compund exercises. I would have asked about the weight too as 225 lbs is not really a baby weight to me, but yeah if your 1RM is 475 then 225 might be baby for you.

  8. always seen old school pics from the golden era of the greats squatting with plates under their heels….what is the purpose and when are they recommended to be used

  9. Hey great workout Vince. Just a couple questions: 1) Are you just squatting until sub-max fatigue and then going into the leg curls or is there a certain rep scheme you're doing?
    2) Wouldn't it be more efficient to do 10×10? With your 20 rep max, 10 reps wouldn't be too taxing on each set so 100 reps should be easier to get done, whilst still reaping full benefits.

    Just some thoughts

  10. I'm from Algeria and always see your videos and try to practice the same exercises ..really I started get the results bcos I have a while without any development but now its ok. wanna thank u of all ur advice's and ur math's . god bless u Vince.

  11. Hey Vince, you hit the nail on the head. I used to spend hours in the gym and thought longer I'm there training bigger I'll get….. at 3:40 is excellent advice. High intensity 20mins and I've noticed the difference 🙂 thanks for the vid.
    PS the music in the background while your talking is a little distracting :)

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