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Intense Upper Body MRT Workout For Fat Loss

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Welcome to the MT-90 (Men’s Transformation in 90) Phase 2 – Upper Body Session 1.

This is where we are going to use higher volume, with higher loads to have you build upon the last phase of the MT-90 program with more advanced methods.

To maximise your results we are using all three methods to bring about muscular gains, being; muscular damage, technical tension and metabolic stress. These programs have been designed to cycle properly as you go through the program.

And using the particular meal plan and nutrition strategies along with this training program. These workouts are designed to produce a higher amount of growth-hormone to further enhance your fat burning.

Here is the workout:

A1 – DB Incline Chest Press. 8 sets of 8.

super-setted with

A2 – Chin Up (machine or assisted if needed). 8 sets of 8.

B – Seated Row – Double Drop Set. 2 sets of 10 x 10 x 10

C – Shoulder Press – Double Drop Set. 2 sets of 10 x 10 x 10

D – KB or DB Swings – 3 rounds of 45 seconds

The A series of exercises are designed to use a higher volume and intensity from the previous phase one workouts to fast track your body transformation. Using your ‘bigger bang for your buck’ exercises, and then having double-drop sets along side short rest intervals is how we can have you naturally producing more growth hormone.

Remember the training frequency of having two of these sessions per week along with the other 3 workouts is why we only rotate around with these workouts for a total of 4x times.

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