Fitness Workout for Women

Intermediate women’s fitness program

Personal training for women

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  1. 5:09 chest really that's a lot for a beginner 15 reps. I would never have you as my trainer, you are skinny as fuck. Go fuck with a cockroach because you sure don't what know what you are doing fag bitch

  2. Yes I agree cant even believe it. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well.

    btw!but ye the surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items.

    if you are serious go for it now

  3. They laughed when I told them I would bulk up with "H6x Muscle Monster", but then I showed them the results. Go Google H6x Muscle Monster to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  4. @wendyp08 keep an eye on the machine's timing. 0:00-1:00 you do the slow, 1:00-2:00 you do the fast part. 2:00-3:00 you do the slow part again. Just look at the time closely and change when the minute changes (1full min for each part) for 20min. Hope this clarifies! I tried it and boy it's challenging but you will drop a dress size or two. ;)

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