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Introducing the Bootea Body Plan

Get absolutely everything you need to start your fitness journey with our brand new guides, The Bootea Body Guide and Bootea Kitchen Plan.

Pre-order today at and start this ultimate fitness programme at the same time as the rest of the Bootea team on the 19th June! Each Sunday night you will be sent the next 7 days of training to keep you on track. Join the movement, and become part of the Bootea squad:
– 6 week PDF workout guides, with a video explanation of each workout
– 6 workouts per week (1 of which is an active walk / light jog)
– Weekly emails with next 7 days sent to you each Sunday evening
– Free 6 week meal plan sent to you on 19th June, with 2 hero recipes emailed to you each week with the weekly workouts for additional inspiration!
– Receive amazing support and motivation from Olivia Cooney throughout the 6 week plan

We have teamed up with personal trainer, fitness enthusiast and founder of Pop-Up Fitness, Olivia Cooney, to create you an easy to follow workout plan, which promises to get you the results you deserve. Unlike many workout plans out there, the Bootea Body Guide gets progressively harder with each week and Olivia introduces new exercises, less rest time and higher reps. It’s a challenge, but our mantra is all around how training should be fun and enjoyable, which is something this plan fully embodies. Olivia has also created a 6 week meal plan which we are giving for free with the workout guide, so you can keep your diet on track!

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