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I’VE GAINED WEIGHT! // New Goals + My New Workout Plan

Yo Hello,

Okay, so it is safe to say that I am not feeling my 100% best. I have indulged a bit too much, but mostly I have been neglecting my workouts, which I think makes me feel my best.

It doesn’t matter, though; people have highs, and people have lows. I am not ready to get back to working out and achieving some new fitness goals.

As promised, I will put my whole workout plan up on my blog.

The Brittney Lesser video I spoke about was this one:

The app I use to track my workouts is called Strong.


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  1. This is so inspiring – thanks for being one of the more real youtubers when it comes to fitness! Seeing these fitness bloggers with six packs and macro counting makes me feel like I'll never get anywhere, so this makes me feel so much better x

  2. Love love this! I have stopped watching a lot of fitness YouTubers that I used to love because it's so unrelatable to the average person. I was starting to feel guilty for stupid things like not doing cardio at 5am and then going back in the evening to lift…or for not tracking my macros down to the gram…which is ridiculous. Having a normal person to follow with achievable & relatable goals is very refreshing! Thank you x

  3. Erin ???? I like everything you're saying here, and give you mad props for taking action! The heavy metal I use sometimes when I'm weight training has a similar effect cause I really ignore it mostly although I still feel the pumped up effects. If it's music I really like it can be really distracting I agree. Also I listen to audio books or podcasts in the gym too. I generally walk to the gym as its only a mile from my home. I use a walking app that logs my miles and calories for each workout. Walking is great as a tool for weight maintenance. I love love love that your strength training! Keep it up and realize you're already worthy and amazing as you are!

  4. Awesome girl! This is motivating me to get going again and back on track. I've been feeling the same way..not my best and sluggish and just heavy and bleh lol I think I'll start this with you!

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