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Jay Cutler: What To Eat Pre & Post Workout

What are the best foods to eat pre and post workout? Jay Cutler explains what you should eat before and after your workouts to maximize your results.

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  1. no steroids hmmm. these so called pros are full of shit and are illegal drug abusing morons that do not have the balls to do it naturally. Take their drugs away you would not recognize them in less then 5 months.

  2. he forgot to mention for the gh procces in the body while training its better to eat only protein after workout then wait 1 hour and eat ur carbs a lot of pros drink shake only protein till they get home shower prepare its 1 hour then they eat carbs

  3. out of all the body builders I enjoy following Jays training, and dieting the most. I think cause He has a balance on everything when it comes to this sport and it's right on target.

  4. Im 14 been st gym for about two months now playing football in high school next year i way 213 pounds what should i eat after a workout and how do i build muscle and lose belly fat please help

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