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Erik Conover Video Blog Ep.85 – JESSICA’S WORKOUT PLAN!

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If you are a musician and would like to feature your music (hip hop, piano, instrumental, acoustic tunes) in my vlogs please email me at subject “NYC TUNES”


Shot on my Canon S110

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  1. I am SOOOO not a runner and my boyfriend and I have just started a morning routine of running 1 mile before work for the past week and a half thus far! Considering how bad I am at running, I'm very proud of myself. I never thought I'd say this, but you two have helped motivate me to set running goals! If you could, please create a video explaining ways to train if you're new to running, before/after stretches you enjoy, breathing/pacing tips (why am I so bad at breathing while running?!), etc. I'd love to hear your advice! Thank you!! I love watching you two. :)

  2. I've only recently started watching your videos and as everyone has already said, they are great and addictive! I love the casual vibe of the videos – it genuinely feels like we are just hanging out with you. you both seem like really nice people. thanks for letting us into your lives!

  3. If I looked like Jess after a six miles run hahahaha man. My body gets completely red when I hardly do anything and when I'm not even tired… but there she is all gorgeous and such. Good for you babe <3

  4. Just watched this video and WOW !!! U guys inspire me to call my boyfriend and go out right now lol We never concentrate on the exercise when we are together. The funny thing is I always run so slow and he just acts weird, then I laugh and we stop :(

  5. So nice to see a beautiful girl that's beautiful on the inside as well, and with a sense of humor. And love your positive energy! It's like a jolt of caffeine! Really happy I came across your vlogs.

  6. I have never commented on youtube before. But seriously, I have to say "Thank you" to both of you. I and my bf have been having LDR for 2 years and 3 months. He lives in Germany and I live in Singapore. We have been trying so hard to move together to another place and after watching your videos, you inspire us to struggle life together rather than struggling apart to have a better life together. We just decided to move to NYC regardless of all the comfort zones that we are in. Thank you so much for your inspiration. You both are perfect match and our relationship goal. :)

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