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Julianne Hough Diet & Workout plan 2016| THIS WORKS!

Julianne Hough Diet and Workout Plan 2016


Which celeb would you want to see next !?

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Julianne Hough! She's amazing and THAT BODY! Deffo a new inspiration, along with you of course Sam! I love your videos. They're so helpful in my weight loss journey and trying to be healthier in life. Xxxx

  2. I remember in one of your videos you mentioned that you only wash your hair once a week at the dry bar. Can you do a video on working out/sweating + hair!! I'm trying to transition into not washing everyday but it gets sooooo greasey after i work out!! THANKS 🙂 🙂 <3

  3. I like this idea of looking into different diets and who does them, and the looking at the workout and possible workouts etc… This is an interesting series keep it up ????????????

  4. I love this new series you've started, and really enjoyed this one focusing on different celebrities! Also your makeup in this video looks so amazing, it's so glowy and looks gorgeous ????❤️❤️

  5. I always say every day "I'm gonna go to the gym, I'm gonna eat right" and next thing you know I'm eating so wrong & I don't even go to the gym because I'm like scared of what people at the gym are gonna say. Then I start getting anxiety of fear! Like this never happened before and now it's like just scary. But I really do wanna get fit and be better in life, because I am not happy with how I look with myself. ???? it sucks!!

  6. I love to dance but I can't afford to join a dance studio so me and my bff always love to dance on our free time just for fun! We're always creating our own choreographies lol

  7. Hi girl! I have an really important question about my weightloss and i am sure youve got the right answer since you have experience with it and i trust your opinion! So i am eating some crackers, 2 of them daily. They are made out of wholeweat rye flour, yeast and salt. No added sugar or other crap! Each cracker contains 43 calories, 7, 8 carbs, 0,13 salt, 1.2 proteïn and 2.6 fibre. I like to eat it with avocado etc. But im trying to lose weight, im trying to do what you are telling us! So a low carb diet! But i dont know if i should skip this crackers out of my diet if i wanna loose weight or is it ok to continue eating these daily and still have good results? ( as i said 2 of them a day. ☺️ ) i hope you answer!!! xxxx

  8. Hey Sam!! I just needed to ask you something. I've recently lost my motivation to work out (the food side is fine, i'm still eating quite clean, but I just can't workout. I feel so bored with my same workouts and around the time I workout (5-5:30ish) I'm just tired, but I can't workout any earlier because I go to high school from 8am-3pm, could you give me some tips? Thanks 🙂 xxxxx

  9. Sam hopefully you see this cause I've commented this on 2 other videos but anyways???? will ANY type of cardio (bike, elliptical, etc.) help me burn fat all over? because when I think of cardio I think running/walking on the treadmill. which isn't too enjoyable for me???? & also, would working out on the gym bike help tone my legs/butt?!

  10. Omg when pasta is cheat day for you but when I go to running camp literally always just carbs like all I eat is fruit pasta bread rice corn tortillas and maybe beans ???????????????? love it tho! Bc I feel like high carb is GOOD when you don't drown your food in oil. It's not unhealthy to mix the two and that's why "high carb" meals at restaurants like pizza and pasta with the sauces leave you feeling gross :P

  11. Love this! I love dancing. I did dance class back in high school, it was so fun! I would love to take a dance class now. I need to find an adult dance class in Orlando.

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