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Kathleen Tesori’s Total Upper-Body Workout –

Looking for the right workout to redefine your entire upper body? This quick, efficient superset session will leave tired, sore, and hungry for more!

See Kathleen’s Full Workout Details:

The goal of this upper-body workout is to build shapely muscle over time. You’re going to superset every exercise—or perform two exercises back to back, without rest—and hit all the major muscles on your upper half: shoulders, chest, back, biceps, and triceps! If you work hard and keep your rest periods short, this should only take you 30-45 minutes.

This workout is perfect for people who need a quick training session or who like to follow an upper-body/lower-body split. You can add a cardiovascular challenge by adding one-minute bursts of cardio—burpees, jump rope, box jumps, and other bodyweight exercises—between each superset, or you can do high-intensity intervals (HIIT) at the end of the workout.

Try this workout a few times as written to get a good feel for it. When it gets too easy, increase the weight, decrease the rest periods, or change some of the exercises. I think you can make this session work for you no matter what!

See Kathleen’s Full Workout Details:

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  1. I triеd а fеw оthеr рroducts befоrе сoming tо аnd lеt mе sау thаt it wаs а grеat dесision! I had hugе strength gаins in аll оf mу areeеаs аnd I'm putting up wеight thаt I wоuldn't even think аbout in Sерtеmbеr. If уоu'rееe lооking to рut оn sеriоus mаss, usе this рrоduct. I fоund I hаd thе best rеsults hаving this оnе Каthleеn Теsоri s Тоtаl Uрpеr Bоdy Workout Bоdybuilding cоm

  2. I love these workout videos, but the women have way too much makeup on. It kinda puts me off 🙁 I really love Kelli from fitnessblender, she actually looks normal.

  3. since when did this channel host idiots?? "i made this a superset cause the machines in my gym are close-by" wtf?? this video doesn't wanna make me lift it makes me wanna make me punch her in the face

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