Fitness Workout for Women

Killer Ab Challenge, Intense 20 Minute Extreme Abs At Home Workout For Women

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Killer Ab Challenge, Intense 20 Minute Extreme Abs At Home Workout For Women

Get those advanced abs working out in this total extreme ab workout for at home. Get intense lower abs in this how to get a six pack video ab exercises challenge with Tara Pagan.

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  1. the exercises in this video resemble so terribly with the ones yogi Tara Stiles has posted. Don't which one is the copy but Tara stiles is awesome. The name of this skinny girl is Tara too lol

  2. If anyone is wondering, every night I watch this video and from experience, each day gets easier. Although I haven't seen a difference in appearance. Day 1-4 I could only make it through the first 7 mins. By day 4-7 I was able to complete the whole video. I'm currently on day 8 and can successfully watch the video twice. Hopefully I'll see results?

  3. Awesome. Awesome. It's awesome. awesome. I have to comment, the music is annoying. music affects the psyche. tooooo tech-y. Something mid – tempo, a little more organic sounding and not so redundant would be nice.

  4. If you contract your stomach you will get an intense workout, if your not tired or sore you probably weren't contracting! I'm a gymnast and dancer who is past intermediate and this worked for me wonderfully! Just squeeze your abs I promise it will make huge difference!

  5. Anyone else find the scissor one so hard?! When i lay on the floor my back curves away from the ground, i can never lay flat so i find some exercises so hard as they strain my back :(

  6. My problem area is the top of my stomach. What can I do to get this down. my stomach is big and round. I do cardio like crazy. I am seeing results from 239 now down to 215 but my stomach is just there.

  7. I workout my abs regularly but not for so long. I usually do 30 leg lifts and 20 cross every second or third day. This was a bit intense. I endured without a problem but I wonder will I have any pain tomorrow.

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