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Labor Day Gains – Workout Meals Groceries Fun

What do you do when you recently RE-committed to making bodybuilding and your health a priority again? Well… you go to the gym, take naps, watch tv and of course go grocery shopping, meal prep and STAY OUT OF THE RESTARUANTS AND BARS.
You can certainly eat healthy at restaurants and be disciplined when it comes to indulging but that is not the point for this video.
I wanted to share some labor day weekend things that I did including some of my staple grocery shopping and meal prep and of course chest training to show I am committed to not only my own bodybuilding again but also my documenting and having fun again with the you tube.
For those interested in training this is the full chest workout I did this day:
1) Warm up with rows and rear delts
– low cable row 4 sets x 15 (pyramid up in weight each set)
-rear delt flys
2) Fly machine 4 sets x 10-15 (pyramid up in weight each set)
3) Incline dumbbell press 4 sets of 12 reps
4) Flat machine press 4 sets of 12 reps
5) Cable fly superset with machine dips 4 sets x 15 reps each

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  1. Happy birthday! I am undergoing my own transformation, trying to get back near contest shape once again. The weather, fatigue, life's responsibilities, and mild depression keep interfering. Wishing you the best. Can't wait to see the next chapter and transformation in your life. Thanks!!

  2. Born on the 1st of September, were you? Me too…we share the same birthday! So Happy belated birthday! Looking forward to seeing you get back in the best shape of your life! I know you didn't say that…but I feel that's the plan! Take care.

  3. Mr. Del Toro, you sound and behave as if you were experiencing depression; is that the case? mental health is as important as physical health so please seek some help if you need to. I am myself dealing with depression and working on getting better. I like your videos( I always wanted to look like you because of your amazing body and looks) but must admit this one is a tough one to watch because how unmotivated and sad you look and behave. I am concerned so contact me if you need some help but reach out to someone PLEASE !!

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