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Leg Workout & Low carb meals | NPC Bikini 2.5 Weeks out

Hi guys this video is a full leg workout & a full day of eating 2.5 weeks out from my competition. I hope you guys enjoy 🙂 don’t forget to hit LIKE if you enjoyed the video & subscribe to keep up with more!

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Super set 10-12 x 5
#1 Trap bar squat
#2 Single leg deadlift

Super set 15×5
#1 Plate sumo squat
#2 Single leg weighted thrust

Cable circuit 15 x 3
#1 Split squat
#2 Kick backs
#3 Sum squat
#4 Straight leg deadlift

Tri-set 15×6
#1 KB sumo pulse squat
#2 KB side to side squat
#3 KB swing

Tri-Set 15×4 with band
#1 Straight leg deadlift
#2 Goodmorning
#3 Squats

#1 ball bridge
#2 ball thrust
#3 ball hamstring curl
#4 Hip thrust

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  1. You truly are an inspiration! i love to follow your workouts on my cardio day ( I powerlift ) . Thank you for all the free INTENSE workouts and meals as well. Always genuine and informative in every video/post/snap that you put. Your hard work and dedication really shines through and actually helps me stay on track. You have dealt with some of the same stuff I have and you truly are easy to relate to, and you look amazing ! You will KILL this competition !

  2. I've been following you on IG since late 2014/early 2015 and you are,without a doubt, my favorite fitness blogger/trainer. I really appreciate how you take the time to explain everything for us without the gimmicks that I see on other pages. Please make more workout videos! I can't wait to use the b force belt that I had asked you about! P.s. I've started implementing your warmups and activation exercises into my routine and they've made a HUGE difference so thank you! ????

  3. Please do a video of low carb high protein for vegans/vegetarians (no eggs) full day of eating when you are done with your show. Curious to see what you come up with. I've found it quite hard.

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