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LETS GET FIT #6 | Pre/Post workout Meals + BUTT WORKOUT // vegan

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NOTE: This is not a what I eat in a day video it’s ONLY pre and post meals, not including everything else I ate that day!!!

NUTRITION IS AT THE END OF THE VIDEO!! I only tracked the calories for video purposes to show that vegans get nutrients and calories aren’t bad!!! food = fuel!!

Q: How often do you go to the gym?
A: I go to the gym 5-6 days per week – depending on how I feel or what I’m doing

Q: How long do you spend at the gym for a typical workout?
A: Anywhere from 45 minutes to 60+ minutes, I like to get it done quick so I don’t dawdle around sitting down on my phone. I take like 30 second rests but mostly do supersets as it works best for me and my motivation to continue working out!

Q: Do you do cardio or weights?
A: I barely do cardio anymore as I don’t feel the need to and I like to focus mainly on weight lifting and strength training. I might do 5 minute skipping warm up or 10 minute cycle but usually I just go straight to lifting weights.

Q: Do you lose weight or have you lost weight?
A: I have never tried or desired to lose weight as there is nothing really for me to lose (lol).. Weight is not important to me, I focus on what is on the outside and gaining muscle! Weight is the accumulation of EVERYTHING in your body and with me doing weights it probably would be going up as I’m gaining muscle so it would be silly for me to worry about it..

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  2. love this video so much! I subscribe to lots of fitness channels but yours is my fave so far cuz there's no useless talking and those butt training exercises are very nice and fun. Plus, you make good looking food. Lol you are so good, please keep updating videos! Love ya!

  3. How do you come up with your workouts? I really want to get away from cardio and start doing light weights butI have no idea where to begin. How do you schedule it? Like arms and abs one day, back and legs another?

  4. I literally think you are the best vegan youtuber out there, you really do care from the animals and you make vegan healthy eating to fun and you are really naturally beautiful, I really appreciate you

  5. Damn this music got me feeling waaays. Wasn't really interested in the leg workout and recipes but damn I stayed. Aye try crossing your stationary leg on the other side during the leg press down. It's a great variation.

  6. I wish I wasn't so afraid of food :'( My whole days worth of calories was equivalent to your pre workout meal. I don't know how to snap out of this

  7. You're so inspiring Tee, thank you so much!
    Wow, your legs must be burning. I usually do half the amount of exercise and my legs are died ^^ How long and often do you workout?
    Lots of love xxx

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