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LETS GET FIT #8 | Pre/Post Meals + Cardio Workout Minimal Equipment #vegan

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NOTE: PRE/ POST workout meals included, not what I ate in a day…. I didn’t include the rest of the foods I ate for that day! I tracked calories for the purpose of this video to show that vegans get nutrients!

Q: How often do you go to the gym?
A: I go to the gym 5-6 days per week – depending on how I feel or what I’m doing

Q: How long do you spend at the gym for a typical workout?
A: Anywhere from 45 minutes to 60+ minutes, I like to get it done quick so I don’t dawdle around sitting down on my phone. I take like 30-45 second rests but mostly do supersets as it works best for me and my motivation to continue working out!

Q: Do you do cardio or weights?
A: I barely did cardio over winter as I don’t feel the need to and I liked to focus mainly on weight lifting and strength training. I’ve started to incorporate more cardio in to my training as it’s become fun again and I can exercise out doors as well since summer is on it’s way + I love boxing now.

Q: Do you lose weight or have you lost weight?
A: I have never tried or desired to lose weight as there is nothing really for me to lose (lol).. Weight is not important to me, I focus on what is on the outside and gaining muscle! Weight is the accumulation of EVERYTHING in your body and with me doing weights it probably would be going up as I’m gaining muscle so it would be silly for me to worry about it..

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  1. Vegan!!! Gorillas are vegan !!! Single, waiting for someone… Ferrari and Lamborghini mechanic… Sailboat, Bahamas… Houses really cool houses I did that myself. Holland, England, Italy, Florida, Uruguay, I want to be in Panama. Anyone want to come ? ????

  2. Do you count calories and protein as a gauge to whether you are eating enough or too much? I have trouble getting leaning even though I don't eat junk or I only do so in moderation on occasions.

  3. Maybe a stupid question… but Tess (or other people) do you think it doesn't matter if at many days I don't eat enough of every micronutrients (like B2,B5, Zinc, Vitamin E, etc.)?
    I saw now in this video that you don't hit all the nutrients and I'm totally scared about that stuff I don't know why because before I was vegan I was definitely not enough vitamins (much less than now because I never ate vegetables…) but still I'm scared about it…

  4. I was going through my account unfollowing people I don't really watch anymore and ran across yours. I've been thinking about going vegan, but I was scared it would make me more prone to injury because of lack of protein. I honestly have to say I love your channel and it motivated me to try going vegetarian again and hopefully later on in life I'll be full on vegan.
    Keep doing what you're doing girl! You look great <3

  5. Congratulations on the 100k, your videos are so well done, very well deserved! Love the simplicity of your meals. You are so fit!! You're really inspiring me to get back on my fitness! Things have slowed down a lot for me since being pregnant. Great video, thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. hey guys! I live in the beautiful Byron Bay, Australia and I recently filmed a video where I eat delicious organic vegan food and hang out at my favourite beach! Check it out hehe X ⭐️ ????

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