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Welcome back, babes! ???? There will be a lot of trial and error when creating the workout plan that’s best for you! Be realistic and set a plan that will help you reach your fitness goals. Xo

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    i see fitness videos and channels all the time, but for some reason i am currently obsessed with you girl ! great work, you are so likeable and pretty and i really enjoy every video.

    i have the most important question !!!!

    what do you have to say about full body workouts? with the logic that in order to gain muscle you have to focus atleast twice per week to the areas needed. sure i do a killer leg day alone, but the other days i now do full body workouts.
    i have friends that are huge and only do one exercise per muscle group 3-4 times s week. is this normal?
    Bare in mind that i do NOT gain muscle easily plus i am almost vegan :X

  2. should i do it from head to toe or toe to head? im currently trying from toe to head. from legs to butt to abs to chest to back and to shoulders. or should do the other way?

  3. My schedule is super busy with work and school and I'm not working out regularly as it is so thought I'd start with 4 days and add from there. Quick question would it be ok to do shoulders, chest and triceps on one day? Thanks love your channel you are inspiring me!

  4. I have been struggling with my workouts, motivation, eating…and I discovered your channel last night. I'm PUMPED. you rock and I'm so excited to make realistic changes and not slaughter my metabolism any longer. THANK YOU!!!

  5. how do you still have boobs? lol I used to love chest day, but I had to quit doing chest on Tuesdays because I don't have a whole lot to spare in the first place and they just kept shrinking!

  6. . I really like your videos I find this very interesting . There are many quite amazing exercises that I never have been heard about before, but with whole my respect for you , I will place here a small protest.I would recommended anyone who has just started workout at the gym to even try to train 6 days a week. It takes about a year to make the whole body with the nervous system as well ,to get adapted to the intensity of hardworking that is presented by you. Otherwise. The split system presented in this video is quite inappropriate for beginners .I would better focus on the whole body workout. You are quite advanced at the gym ,it will be very difficult for beginners to make any meaningful use of your training plan. Even though is very interesting.

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