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Marine Corps Military Workout Plan

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Marine Corps Military Workout Plan. This is my version of a training routine for anyone who is planning on entering the military or who wants to just train like one and build muscles and burn fat at the same time.

Perform 45 seconds ON for each exercise and then rest 15 seconds before going to the next exercise. At the end of all exercise rest 90 seconds and then repeat for 3x total.

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  1. You really don't need to do this just to pass a simple PFT in the USMC, at the most just get used to running for 30 minutes at a time, during boot camp the instructors will build you up so you can exceed expectations in the PFT or the CFT, I mean, that's what boot camp is for anyways, to build you up to that level.

  2. The things people will say to someone on a computer screen but I doubt anyone who did..would say anything to him in person. For one how about a thank you and being gracious because he's serving our country ?

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  5. Does anyone know the best marine workout this seems too easy. I am wondering because I am going to be a marine when I'm older and I really want to get a Marine workout I already do insanity but that is easy now so does anyone know a legit marine workout?

  6. @AbusedHD K let me give you a piece of Marine history if you don't mind

    Back in the Korean war, Marines were introduced by the term "OOH-RAH" in 1953.

    Navy Carry UDT would transport Force Recon Marines into battle, when the ship would dive, they would announce into the public announcer "DIVE! DIVE!" it was then followed by a "AHUGA!" Sergeant Major Massaro then used this term in Drill instructor school, and the term "AHUGA!" slowly turned into a shorter term "Oorah!"

  7. @AbusedHD k all marines know its not oorah and not Hoorah, some valid facts i found online, and in real life experiences

    3 years ago i asked Staff Sergeant Ceja in the recruiting office if its OORAH or HOORAH, he said oorah

    i went to Camp Pendelton to go paintballing, i happened to be playing with some Infantry on my team, i asked them oorah or hoorah, they said oorah

    i went to the marines website Marines.c0 // it says "OORAH" in big letters

    i graduated a Marine and said OORAH proudly

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