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Men’s Health Workout War: Lose Pounds, Gain Muscle, Destroy Your Opponents | Ebook

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Competition motivates men. And scientific research proves that competition and rewards motivate people to stick to exercise and diets.former Los Angeles Lakers strength coach Jim Cotta harnesses men’s passion for one-upmanship with an innovative get-in-shape program in Men’s Health Workout War. This book features a highly effective, 60-day exercise and diet program broken up into quarters and an overtime round. The unique hook is that it makes the fitness instruction much more effective by turning it into a friendly weight-loss war that uses locker-room-style trash talking and cash prizes to drive dramatic great Shaquille O’neal, who penned the book’s foreword, used a “shirts off” competition against Charles Barkley on national television to spur his own body transformation, and Cotta was his weight-loss coach. That gave Cotta the idea to build a blueprint for grassroots fitness competitions, complete with multiple contest formats and advice on using social media to build excitement.

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