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Hello my sweet friends! 🙂
I feel really good about this cut and I’m super excited to share as much with you all as I can! In the past few months I have wanted to cut down for the wrong reasons and because of that I seemed to lose my motivation along the way. But now that I have finally got it together and I am truly doing for myself I feel really good about it. My end date will be June 27 ( a total of 12 weeks!) so wish me luck! 🙂

Full Body Workout *Screenshot and try it out!* #AmandaTorresFit

1a. Bench Press * 4 second eccentric* : 4×10
1b. Incline Push-Ups: 4×10
2a. Front Squats: 3×10
2b. Bench Step-Ups: 3×10 (each leg)
3. Pull-Ups (assisted or non-assisted): 3xAMRAP (as many reps as possible)
4. Bent Over Barbell Rows (pronated grip): 4×10
5a. Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3×10
5b Dumbbell Upright Row: 3×10
6. Alternating Bicep Curls: 4×10 (choose a heavier weight for the first 5 and then drop the weight down for the last 5.)

*If you don’t have a barbell then you can definitely do these exercises with dumbbells.

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  1. who's the little cutie with the pink hat? is that your daughter? she's adorable..also great grocery haul, got some go stuff..monsters always a must right??haha..the prepped meals looked absolutely amazing too..

  2. Can you do a meatless meal prep ? I hate the taste of meat that has been refrigerated I have tried it already doesn't make my tastebuds happy ???? Please help ! By the way keep it up ! Adorable baby girl !

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