Fitness Workout for Women

Muffin Top Workout | (15 MINS)

Muffin Top Workout At Home With No Equipment


Holly Dolke Quiz


Hey, guys! I have listened to your comments and brought you a muffin top workout at home with no equipment!

This love handle workout routine is great at targetting this exact area – it is challenging but you have to challenge yourself to see change 😉

There is one main circuit in this routine and it will be repeated twice for a total of 15 minutes.

Combine this routine with a well-balanced diet, and you’ll be sure to burn that muffin top! You can always add on a cardio/HIIT workout of mine too to up the heart rate.

Hope you all enjoy!

Love Holly xx

Instagram: @hollydolke

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  1. I’m gonna do my daily 2 mile and do this workout on top of it and I’ll my rest days are Saturday and Sunday p.s I will be cutting out refined sugars and carbs only carbs I’ll be eating are complex carbs that are nutritious and cutting out empty calories

  2. wow! just finished this workout! feels amazing 💪😇 i’m hoping to get super toned up before all that back to school stress because i feel i won’t have as much time. i’ll try to update every once in a while 🙂 someone remind me!!

  3. I’m hopeless, I’m never going to get rid of my muffin top I’m always gonna stay at the same weight, I’ve tried everything and I just wanna die NOTHING WORKS 😭 no matter what I do I’m always at the same weight I just wanna die

  4. Hey guys I’m gong to be doing this twice a day for 2 weeks and I’ll be giving updates! I wanna get snatched for back to school and my vacay is in 1 week! I’ll update everyday!

    day 1: I didn’t have too much issues with doing this twice. My stomach feels strong

    Day 2: I did it twice again and my obliques definently feel sore and are more noticeable. I’ve seen maybe a little decrease.

    Day 3: My stomach is sore but the workout is getting easier! My sides are definitely starting to get smaller and I’ve started doing a back workout also!

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