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MUTANT MEALS – Contest Prep Post Workout Meal with Big Ron Partlow

In this episode, Big Ron cooks up one of his favorite contest prep post workout meals.

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  1. Is there any way to have a good quality post workout meal, but something more economical? All that beef in just one meal would make my weekly grocery bill astronomical! 

  2. These guys are big and ripped because they no doubt train very hard in the gym and eat the correct food. However remember that it's steroid use that is making it possible to be so big and ripped. I'm not putting these guys down as it's totally up to the individual what they want to do to achieve results. If your a young guy just getting into training why not challenge yourself to get a great physique naturally. 

  3. It maybe interesting to woman watching these guys with big muscles like cooking their own meals, preparing for contests win or lose don't matter never let others cook their food like friends or family even partner, cleaning up the mess later just to look good also be better looking than the other guys but really it's a lifestyle for them to look good and stay in shape looking freaky which most woman don't like to see in a man but that's waft sport is all about pushing the limits oneself. 

  4. I had high cholesterol a while back but used to eat a diet high in sugar, since I quit all sugar my cholesterol has been dropping and is now looking good. Love the idea of the beef but don't want to fuck the cholesterol again, anyone who eats this amount beef wanna comment and tell me how their cholesterol and shit is?

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