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Today I walk you through my simple to make pre-workout meal. I traditionally have this in my off season or sometimes on refeed days when I am in my cutting phase.


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Well my name is Ryan John-Baptiste, I have 3 kids and a lovely wife. I have been involved in the fitness industry before there was even the internet!

Although I have a great family which you’ll see in my Vlogs on this channel, I also compete on stage at a world class level. Being an Men’s Physique competitor means I mix it up with the best of the best.

Preparing for these competition’s whilst balancing out being a Daddy isn’t easy but it is possible.

So one of the reason’s I post all my fitness video’s and family vlog video’s is to show you it can be done. I like to provide motivation to people that need it in all walk’s of life.

My channel is full of training video’s and ‘How to’ tutorial videos to help you accomplish your own fitness goals.

So join the community and I hope I can inspire you going forward in life.


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  1. Hi Ryan, been subbed to you for years mate great content. Thank you for uploading this video, as soon as I saw it I popped to Sainsbury's and got the ingredients and made it immediately and loved it and I feel revitalised! Could you upload more of your diet? Thanks!

  2. let's go champ…. champ if i eat what you eat I won't have the energy to get out of the house forget about training in the gym…
    I need 10000 K Calories to do my warm up, or maybe I am OFF SEASON ????

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