Fitness Workout for Men

My Complete Gym Workout Routine! UK Teen Fitness Model

Complete Gym Workout Routine For Men, Teenagers, Beginners and Anyone looking to GROW MUSCLE and get BIGGER! -(FULL WORKOUT BELOW!)- Following a Legs and Shoulders, Back and Biceps, Chest and Triceps Hypertrophy Workout Split with Integrated 5×5 for Squat, Bench Press and Overhead Press to Help pack on Mass and Get Ripped for Summer.

Legs (13(+8) sets) & Shoulders (13 Sets):
5×5 OHP, 5×5 Squat, 4×12-15 Shrugs, 4×8-12 Leg Press, 4×8-12 (SS)Lateral/rear delt raise, 4×8-12 Leg Curl, 8×12-F Calf Raises (various)

Back (12 Sets) and Biceps(12 Sets):
4×8-12 Lat PullDown (vertical), 4×8-12 Cable Row (Horizontal), 4×8-12 Dumbbell Pullover, 4×8-12 Barbell Curl, 4×8-12 Alt. D-bell Curl, 4×8-12 Hammer Curl.

Chest (14 Sets) and Triceps (16 Sets):
5×5 Bench Press, 4×8-12 Incline Press, 5×8-12 Pec Fly, 4×8-12 PushDown (SS) Overhead extensions, 4×8-12 PullDown (SS) Overhead exensions.

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  1. first, i like this video and the idea of a full workout presentation. wish you all the best, but i have some criticism. don't take it personally

    that's not how you do a rear delt raise, buddy.
    for the leg curls, do 1 leg at a time, because 99% of the people have one stronger leg

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