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  1. I am doing, push pull legs off push pull, liking a lot, i need to focus on my upper body, and i think that this way hitting 2x a week is great

  2. bro whats going on with me, i've been on a cut for 2 months and even stopped gym for 2 weeks during this time but my bench has gone up `5kg (1RM). not even a beginner either. bodyfat deffo dropping too wtf

  3. i havent been doing cardio for the past 5.5/9 months into my bulk purely because
    I see cardio as a way to help be in a caloric deficit & being a student I'm already struggling with buying
    shopping & budgeting to stay in a surplus. Also, In theory cardio on a bulk seems ideal but in practical
    Itts a lot harder knowing that you're focus is to grow & develop your physique than staying shredded.

    Also, before my bulk started I had abs/serratus as a 2.5 year lifter & now 60% bulk done my abs are faded away
    except upper abs. At the most on my peak bulk I'd want a flat stomach tops b4 I start summer shredding in the winter. #nattygains

  4. My leg recovery is shit too, but i push through and train legs twice a week giving legs atleast 48 hours of rest between sessions. I keep one as a heavy day and the second day as a hypertrophy/accessory day. i think you should try that in order to not neglect legs. One thing I've found that helps with recovery is active rest like steady state cardio and foam rolling after a session.

  5. I've never done push/pull days. I've always worked just different parts of the body like legs, chest, back, arms and I've now decided to have 2 rest days instead if 1, I felt like my body needed more rest.

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