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My Workout Schedule | Snapchat Q&A

Welcome back babes! I hope you enjoy this video about my workout schedule – thank you for your Snapchat questions! xo

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  1. I love ur videos! They help me so much! ❣️ can u make more videos about making the waist thinner? I'm having troubles with that ????. Thnks!!!

  2. Hey Whitney. I have been working out with my boyfriend off and on for about a year and a half now and I can't seem to be consistent. I'm not happy with the way I feel and look even tho my boyfriend is comfortable with my body. Your videos are very inspiring and I can't believe how easy you make it to meal prep, I am assuming that meal prepping is the problem I am having. I love your meal prep videos and I can't wait to watch more to get awesome and easy ideas. Thank you, I will be Subscribing!!!

  3. Can you make a video on how to plan your workout routine for the week or month? ☺️ I feel unorganised by doing different exercises for each muscle every week and it stresses me out

  4. Hi! Thank you for your great videos and inspiration! What has been your method for gaining muscle as far as your diet? Have you increased your calories from when you first started while increasing the weight you're lifting or have you stayed at your maintenance calories and just increased what you lift?

  5. I follow you on Instagram, I don't use Snapchat ???? Would love to see your food and workouts on Instagram Stories though!

    Been following you on here and YouTube since you had 6000 subscribers I think it was! Not surprised by how quickly your channel has growwwwnnnn! I lost 6lbs and you gained over a 100k followers in that same time frame!!! Congrats girl xx ????

  6. Question!!! My arms are thick looking and they just look un-proportionate on my body. I just want them to look smaller and more tone and not so bulky. How can I do this?!

  7. Hi Whit! Just found your channel this week, loving it! I was wondering if you have any tips to trim down inner and outer thighs? My thighs are naturally large, so I'm not looking to make them bigger, just to tone them and slim down a little. Let me know if you have any advice ????

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