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NPC Bikini Prep 1: How many meals to eat, Shoulder workout, & Morning Supplements.

Hi everyone! Thank you for following my NPC Bikini Prep. I will be vlogging a 10 week prep so i can show you guys what its like to train for a competition. I will be showing you guys EVERYTHING that goes on during a competition. The good, the bad, and everything in between. Listen closely because I will be sharing valuable tips that other coach’s charge a lot of money for.
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Current Supplements I take:

Udos Liquid Fish oil
Athlete Multi-Vitamin
1UpNutrition Pre-workout for females (See below for discount)
1UpNutrition BCAA’s for females (See below for discount)
1UpNutrition Lean Toner for females (See below for discount)


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  1. I like eggs but I hate the white part. It's the texture that makes me feel sick. I'm not a big fan of scrambled eggs, I like them every now and then but they have to be yellow. I can't stomach eggs whites alone. Can they be left out or substitute it with something else? I'd rather not eat eggs if I'm only allowed the whites.

  2. Is it possible to get ready for a competition in 7weeks? I have 5 lbs i could lose but I'm focusing on muscle definition. and I know I need to lose water weight

  3. Hi Heidi! I know this is and older video but where is the belt that you are wearing at the gym to hold your phone from? I usually try to just tuck in my phone into my pants halfway lol

  4. Heidi I notice you normally do lighter weights…. is that to just tone more or have you always used lighter weights? I'm looking to lose like 15 lbs. and I weight train daily! thanks!

  5. BCCA Popsicles!! I must try. I'm leaning out right now and it's soooooo hard!!! My sodium is very limited and sugar as well. I used to chew gum like crazy but that's starting to ware me down and actually make me more hungry. Thanks for sharing. I'm shooting for a show in July but I'm still in the early stages
    Watching your videos really helps! And gets me pumped to go to the gym and lift harder yay! You're so awesome!!

  6. Hello heidi! Just want to say thank you for the amazing vlogs that gives your viewers the correct technique, training style advices to not injure ourselves and very cool workouts! You always give the straight-to-the-point advices and show us very unique and motivational workouts! I love watching because they truly inspires me like nobody elses videos does! And your humour makes me laugh! Have a nice day!

  7. I just competed in my first NPC bikini comp this year and I'm thankful for your channel because watching your videos got me through some long cardio sessions! So motivating and made me want to keep going :)

  8. You are such an inspiration! I have sat down every night and watched multiple videos you upload, I was in tears tonight realising I am so unfit and very unhealthy (I hate veg and salad) absolutely hate them but I am trying, you are such a beautiful person inside and out, such happy positive people! Keep it up xx

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