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Nutrition – Simple Guide To Any Body Transformation | Furious Pete

Not sure how to change your diet? Watch this video!
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  1. Great info, and I get that this is an old vid, but many studies have shown that meal frequency doesn't really have much effect on your results. Eating 1 meal/day vs 6 meals/day generally produces the same results if the overall calories, macro-nutrients, etc. are the same so it really just boils down to convenience or personal preference.

  2. As much as I agreed to some of the things he has said about the quality of food. There are things I have found to be based on individual opinion. Eating more frequently actually does not really do much to your metabolic system and eating for example 6 smaller meals is the same as 3 bigger ones. The thing he missed out on mentioning, unless i did not hear it then its my fault, is energy intake. I can cut my carbs but if my overall calories are still higher than what i burn, then end of the day i will end up gaining. The approach he has got is actually more for people preparing for competition and timing along with frequency and detail to macros is critical. I can assure you people can still be "cutting" and have mcdonalds everyday. If the calories you burn throughout your day is more than than the mcdonalds you eat, then you will be cutting fat. downside is that you will not be very healthy ofcourse because the quality of food is terrible. to start with nutrition always start with your daily energy needs before you look into how much protein carbs and fats you will have from those calories. Eat well, Train hard and stay healthy :)

  3. Nutritional advice! This video is pretty useful in giving you a general idea of what to eat… anyone that wants to learn more or have a tailored diet/training plan created for them specifically, follow my Instagram account:@akashruparelia1

  4. Hey guys. I've just started doing business online. I am 18 years old . Please check out and order my full 8 pages diet plan i've made for anyone looking to cut on body fat and drop some weight while staying healthy and strong for only 5 dollars.This is the link:
    I would be very happy if you could share this with your friends if you are content with it . Thank you and enjoy your day :)

  5. As soon as you said "eat as frequently as possible to boost your metabolism" I switched off. Outdated bro science dude sorry. Most of the rest was good though :)

  6. as much as I love meat I don't eat it well because I'm a vegan and I hate when people say you can't be healthy if you eat meat I mean look at Pete he is a fucking beast he is ripped and he eats a lot of food so Pete is living proof that u can eat so much and still be ripped

  7. Chia seeds, Goji Berries, Sunflower Seeds and Almonds are soooo good.. They provide protein, Omega 3 and other Vitamins.. All these are essential, well for me anyway, seeing I'm living on a plant based diet these are a must for me.. But yes, Almonds and other nuts have a lot of fat, but good fats (As this guy said), but eat these in moderation. You don't wanna go overboard. Try avoid Trans Fats and Saturated fats. Saturated fats makes you more prone to heart disease.. Also, Cholesterol is a biggy. Cholesterol stops your blood from flowing properly which can lead to some serious Ailments.

    I hope this helps! :)

  8. Homie and I do mean that because we're both in Canada. How much sodium is in your diet per day, cutting or not? I see you use bacon and on top of that body builders NEVER talk about sodium! One did the other night but said he drinks extra water to 'flush' it out. IMPOSSIBLE!

    Please shed some light on this, Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi Pete, please follow me on my channel, I'm on a weight loss journey, it started April 15, 2016, my starting weight was a Whooping 332 lbs. It's now May 20, 2016, and I'm weighing in at 307 . I know I have a long way to go, but the more support I get the harder I work. Thanks for reading and stay EPIC. EPIC= EVERY POUND I CONTROL. Joe/Painkiller

  10. Good video, but I've read (Michael Mathews – Bigger. Leaner. Stronger.) that meal frequency has no impact on biological protein absorption rates. It makes no difference if you consume 454 grams of protein in three meals or five+ meals per day.

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