Fitness Workout for Women

Outdoor PLAYGROUND Workout for Women (Best Park Exercises for Moms!!)

Outdoor PLAYGROUND Workout for Women (Best Park Exercises for Moms!!)

Squeeze your fitness in anywhere

Where’s the one place your kids are always asking you to go? The playground! But don’t just sit there on the bench! Take advantage of the equipment at the playground, and the time while your kids are distracted and having fun to squeeze in an outdoor workout! You can get an amazing mom workout at the park using all the same equipment your kids play on!

In this outdoor park workout, we’ll show you various playground exercises that you can do while the kids are busy! First, there’s a pullup. We show you various pull up modifications that you can use to get you to a full pull up in no time. Next, this playground workout takes you through more awesome outdoor exercises including a great lower ab exercise, the leg raise. We show you various modifications of this playground exercise so that you can build strength in the low abs regardless of your fitness level.

Next, this women’s playground workout shows you how to do proper bench tricep dips, plus includes several modifications for this awesome park exercise.

Workouts for moms can be hard to fit in, but if you make room for it and squeeze it in with other activities, it is possible! Outdoor workouts are perfect because you can take advantage of the time your kids are busy playing or even involve them in the park workout with you!

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