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A question was posed regarding post-workout meals and how much protein their-in. It’s a very common myth that you need to ingest a large slug of protein immediately after a meal, as if that protein goes straight to the freshly damaged muscles, yet, this is not at all how the body works. What is most important are the glycogen stores which need replenishment, otherwise, catabolism / gluconeogenisis become a post-post-workout at the cellular level.


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  1. I usually agree with most of Paul's knowledge, but there is no post-training window. After training you are actuality INSULIN resistant due to the damage done during training. You also don't have to eat carbs after training, the goal is to stay as insulin sensitive as possible post training, a leucine based amino acid drink will suffice post training until you can get in a TRUE post training meal.

  2. Hey Paul, and anyone reading. Would cashews be a good post work out "snack"? I often carry around a bag of organic cashews and they're the first thing that comes to mind when i think about what i could eat or drink straight after a gym session. Would they be appropriate, or should i pack an extra fruit or something?

  3. Actually the claim:" Higher the metabolism, the more absorption there is of post workout nutrition" is incorrect or misleading. There is two types of metabolism: anabolic and catabolic.

    Catabolic processes and sympatic nervous system are activated during workout and when you are still sweating, if you were talking about the increased rate of metabolism due workout. This means that the amount of anabolic processes is decreases, since they go hand in hand. 

    So, when body is in catabolic state the amount of blood flowing though intestines decreased implying that the speed of digestion is decreases too. 

    Also the blood glucagon levels are elevated during the workout. This means that the cellular nutrition absorption is decreased.

    All of this adds up to the fact that actually after workout eaten food breaks down slower. This doesn't exclude the fact that post workout food is more important than it would otherwise be. 

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  9. not really dying is it, there is a reason for spacing out the foods, as its better reducing your insulin levels which helps with fatloss, which some people want

  10. Well, at least you have the first part right. The second part is even more bollocks. What matters is your total nutrient intake in a 24-48 hour window. Since I've done intermittent fasting (1-2 meals per day after fasting 16-20+hours) I've had less cravings, more satiating meals, better workouts and I'm stronger and leaner than ever. 

  11. What he says is complete bollocks. There is so much research by now, saying that there is absolutely no difference in recovery or musclemass, if you take carbs and proteins right after your training. The most important thing is that you have 6 – 7 meals during the day, so you keep feeding your body with what it needs.

  12. Paul, is it essential to get your post workout meal so quickly? If you have a 24 hour window before your next workout your body has a ton of time to replete glycogen and repair muscle.

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