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This video contains:
Low Carb Pancakes
What I eat during Peak Week
Peak Week Workout for Lean Arms
Custom Competition Suit by Lidia Gurley


My Current Supplements I take:

Udos Liquid Fish oil
Athlete Multi-Vitamin
1UpNutrition Pre-workout for females (See below for discount)
1UpNutrition BCAA’s for females (See below for discount)
1UpNutrition Lean Toner for females (See below for discount)


Custom Competition Suit by Lidia Gurley:


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  1. You're awesome, seriously. What type of bcaas do you use/ cheapest starter pack to buy that you'd recommended. Was a d2 collegiate athlete now that I'm 24 And 2 years out from playing I'm trying to think of fun healthy ways to eat and I'm EXHAUSTED after work so working out is a struggle lol pre workout and bcaa suggestions?

  2. I just randomly found your channel and I love it! I am in no way a competitor but others seem to make it look like a dream, whereas you are so real and honest about it! Thank you, you are definitely motivation :)

  3. Your videos have been a motivation for me! I have finally starting going to the gym again, and even got a personal trainer to give me that push to finally lose that stubborn baby weight!! thank you for your videos, you're an inspiration!

  4. This Monday I started to look at ur videos on some tips on Eating and exercising. I hope I see my weight drops Sunday. but no matter what the scale says I'm going to keep going. Just wanted to say ur awesome and thank you for making videos to people like me. :-)

  5. Seriously LOVE your videos. I've just recently started going to the gym and getting fit & there are so many fitness/ inspirational people out there. But I have to say you are the best! So real & honest and you just seem to genuinely interested in helping people. Keep up the awesome work!! Also congrats on your show :)

  6. Favorite fitness channel! I'm not doing anything close to competition…but I love your food/meal plan, fitness routine and all the tips! I am working towards a bikini fitness body and it's so helpful and fun to watch your vlogs!

  7. 2 questions! What is the best thing to season veggies with? I love cheese….and obviously that's not a heathy choice ???? and also, should you always eat something after working out?

  8. How do you keep the fat in your breasts when you work out so much?
    Do you have enhancements?
    This may have been answered in another video, but I haven't gotten to watch all of them yet.

  9. Hi buff bunny! I'm currently on a low carb plan and just made your pancake recipe from this video and they turned out amazing!!! I might just eat these everyday. Thanks so much!

  10. Just started watching your videos, and I can't stop! You are awesome and so real. It's refreshing to see a woman in fitness that is real and honest about the struggles of competing. I love it!

  11. Hi Heidi!
    Love your videos they are super informative and inspiring. I was wondering what kind of freezer pack you used for your food on the plane. I can't seem to find where else you mentioned it. Thanks!

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